Friday, March 9, 2012

Cigarettes Could Shorten Life

Cigarettes contain more than four thousand substances and two thousand of them have stated the impact is not good for our health, including a radioactive material (Polonium-201) and materials used in the paint (acetone), washing the floor (ammonia),  silverfish (naphthalene), insecticide (DDT), termite poison (arsenic), toxic gases (hydrogen cyanide) used in the "death chamber" for who undergo the death penalty, and many more. And substances in cigarettes are the most dangerous is the Tar, Nicotine and Carbon Monoxide. Tar contains more than forty three ingredients that cause cancer or so-called carcinogens. Substances have nicotine in cigarettes can cause addiction, which causes the user is very difficult to quit cigarette smoking. Nicotine is the substance in cigarettes that cause heart disease risk, 25 percent of people with heart disease caused by smoking
The following are the dangers of smoking on our health
smoking pot can cause urinary Cancer,

-Stomach cancer
-Colon and cervical cancer
-Oral cancer
-Esophageal cancer
-Pharynx cancers
-Breast cancer
-Lung cancer
-Chronic respiratory diseases
-bone loss or osteoporosis, known as
-Heart disease,

Disconnect the beginning of menstruation,
Gave birth to babies with disabilities
-Peptic ulcer disease,
-Muscle weakness,
-Gum disease,
-Eye damage

The aforementioned are the dangers of smoking for current smokers, what is a smoker? Active smokers were those who smoke directly inhaled cigarette, while the passive smoker is a person who is not directly inhale smoke, but inhale cigarette smoke issued from the mouths of people who are smoking.
Below are the dangers of secondhand smoke for nonsmokers.
Increase the risk of lung cancer and heart disease
Respiratory problems including pneumonia and bronchitis
Pain or stinging eyes
Sneezing and coughing

The substances contained in tobacco smoke are:
2 times more nicotine
5 times more carbon monoxide
3 times more tar
50 times more chemicals that are hazardous to health

Dangers of cigarette smoke on pregnant women and fetuses
Miscarried fetus
Tumbesaran fetal terencat - 30% higher
The death of the fetus in the womb
Bleeding from the uri (placental abruption)
Weight loss - 20 to 30%

Dangers of secondhand smoke to babies
Problems and respiratory diseases
Interfere with the development of intelligence
Outbreaks of ear
22% of brain cancer
Quickly exhausted
Sudden death syndrome


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