Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why Smoking Causes Impotence

Anyone ever heard of that Cigarette Cause Impotence ? before we discuss , we talked first about the general impotence ....
Lots of men are very afraid of suffering from impotence. Men suffering from impotence can not have intercourse with your partner well because the penis does not function normally. Impotence is usually characterized by early-stage relationship that occurs very briefly (3-5 minutes), and end-stage he could not get an erection at all.
Impotence in men with end-stage can not erect and worse still it is very difficult to get a stimulus from the opposite sex. If this is allowed to occur, could cause men to depression, frustration, until there are up to suicide.

Impotence can be caused by various factors, ranging from diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, can cause impotence. But this time we will discuss the impotence caused by smoking.

Some men felt that smoking is a lifestyle or life style, but this will cause major problems on your penis. started from a cigarette, usually men who like the nightlife world, accompanied by alcohol and drugs. This is what can make us stop working penis (erectile dysfunction).

Toxic substances present in cigarettes that you suction, can cause blockage of blood vessels that eventually your blood does not run normally belong to your genital area. Inside a cigarette, maybe there are many hundreds of chemicals. Remember, the chemicals are very harmful to your body.

What is the mechanism of blockage of blood flow ? You suck smoke into your body, beginning to circulate through the heart and circulatory system. Increasingly, there are heaps of nicotine in your body more and more and this will cause your blood flow is not smooth because of the nicotine buildup in your body.

Smoking can also cause the quality and quantity of your semen is reduced. Which causes fluid to ejaculate a little, thin, slow-moving sperm cells, which eventually can lead to infertility (difficulty having offspring).

Stopped smoking right now, start a healthy lifestyle ... exercise, quitting smoking, alcohol, right now.

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